The Shed Story

In the beginning....


Hi I'm Jo Wood, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach at The Fitness Shed.


In 2014 there was a desperate need for somewhere in Wellsford that women could go to exercise and be given good nutrition advice. I listened to their cries, and opened The Fitness Shed. 

The Fitness Shed is a down-to-earth gym, it is not fancy or intimidating. I will help make you feel relaxed and happy to be here, and we will have lots of laughs and giggles along your path of fitness and health. 

The Fitness Shed is registered with REPs NZ (Register of Exercise Professionals of NZ) which means you are in safe hands, and will receive expert and up to date guidance and advice on fitness, health and nutrition. 

Earlier than the beginning....


When I left school I trained as a Beauty Therapist and then a gym instructor. I worked at the Howick Fitness Centre in the women's gym and in my Beauty Therapy clinic located within the gym. 

Four children and a decade (or two) later, my passion for women's health, wellbeing and fitness is stronger than ever.  

In 2014, my passions for food and feeling great led me to re-train as a Personal Trainer.  I am personally registered with REPs NZ (Register of Exercise Professionals of NZ) which means I undertake Continuing Professional Development courses every year, and am fully First Aid qualified. 

You can be assured of safe and effective training and advice from me. 

 With my qualifications, experience, enthusiasm and passion, I'm ready and waiting to take you by the hand and walk (or jog) your journey with you!

Contact me

Jo @ The Fitness Shed


I know what it's like to struggle with being overweight, having low energy levels, low self-esteem, poor health, and sore joints. I have hated clothes shopping in the past, been called names and had no motivation to get off the couch and start exercising.

I have been fat and unhealthy, weighing 99 kilos and feeling tired all the time. 

I have been slim and unhealthy, still feeling tired all the time. 

Neither were good. 

I have spent 25 years being fascinated by the exercise and diet industries, trying most of what was on offer, looking for the magic cure. And oops - there isn't one! 

Each person is unique, amazing and fascinating. We all have different genetics and therefore different things work for different people.

Start your adventure and discover what works for you at The Fitness Shed. Let's see where the road takes us...